West 4th Street Summer League

Walking to the M-line from Washington Square Park after a few hours of shooting the neighborhood, I stumbled on the large crowd formed around the West 4th St courts. While I was tired from the day, it was a close game and the energy of the crowd was tangible, so I stuck around to shoot some frames.




Throughout the second half, the "reigning champs" built up a 20+ point lead amid banter from the crowd; ooo's and ahh's on fast breaks, quips when a known player made a mistake. Although it was a neighborhood bout, it didn't feel any less important than a professional game--to the players, crowd, referees, announcers. And just like the NBA, there was tangible envy from the fans--from those who are unable to play the contact sport, but also those who can, and thus feel entitled to a continuous critique of every play. The "if I was playing" exchange with the crowd seemed to add fuel to the passion of West 4th. 







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